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Find simplified answers to common and complex Gel Nail questions, based on scientific facts & research, right here in this deck. These cards offer basic scientific translation of Gel Nail Science from Charlotte [Lotte] Seymour, MSc, BSc; Scientist, Nail Professional, and Mani-Science® Author, making this knowledge accessible to everyone.


For Nail Professionals, these cards are a convenient tool to provide quick and accurate information to clients, as well as to refresh their own knowledge & understanding. For other Gel Nail Product users, they offer factually & scientifically correct answers and guidance to common questions that are often left unanswered by manufacturers, sellers, or brands.


To gain a deeper understanding of Gel Nail Science, related to all the questions & answers provided in this product, you can enrol in Mani-Science® Course I: The Basics. This course delves into advanced scientific principles and provides additional information on the topics covered in these cards.

Mani-Science® Cards | Deck I: The Basics

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  • This product offers concise and simplified answers to 38 frequently asked questions about Gel Nail Products, directly written by Charlotte [Lotte] Seymour MSc, BSc - Mani-Science® Founder, Scientist, and Author.

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