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Charlotte [Lotte] Seymour MSc, BSc




In the world of business and beauty, I am known as Lotte Seymour [@lotte_seymour], the creative behind Mani-Science®, Dr Prints® & Co. and Manicure Roulette®.


Originating from England, I am a Business Owner, Scientist, Author, and Nail Professional. Like many, I juggle multiple roles within the diverse Nail Industry.



I have studied the impact materials have on the human body since 2016, spending a total of 5 years in higher education. Upon entering the Nail Industry in 2019, I built on this knowledge through literature research into Gel Nail Products & the science behind them.

2016 - 2018

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BSc (hons) Dental Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Throughout my time as an undergraduate student, I delved into the fascinating world of the materials used in Dental Applications. I not only gained knowledge about manufacturing dental devices but also had the opportunity to work hands-on in a laboratory setting, with a diverse range of Polymeric, Metallic, and Ceramic materials to create dentures, crowns, and various other devices.


Upon completing my degree with a 1st Class Honours, I realised my profound passion for delving deeper into the research of materials and their interaction with the human body. This realisation led me to make a firm decision - I aspired to pursue a PhD and specialise in the captivating field of Biomaterials Science.

2018 - 2020


MSc Biomaterials & Regenerative Medicine at The University of Sheffield.

In my quest to expand my knowledge beyond Dental Materials, I made the decision to pursue a master's degree before embarking on a PhD. This was to help me identify a specific area of focus that truly captivated me.


Unfortunately, shortly after commencing my MSc in 2018, I fell ill as a result of a combination of stress and the early stages of some long-term health issues. This forced me to take a medical leave of absence, putting my degree on hold so that I could prioritize my well-being.


During this period of time, I took the opportunity to train as a Nail Professional specializing in Gel Nail Products. It was a completely different field, but it allowed me to explore a passion and develop new skills.


I was able to return to my studies in late 2019 and with sheer determination and hard work, I successfully completed my MSc with Distinction. It was a true testament to my resilience and unwavering commitment to my academic pursuits.



Qualification in Gel Nail Treatments & Research Into Gel Nail Science.

Having used Gel Nail Products at home for years [of which I do not recommened], I decided to take a one-day course to become a Gel Nail Professional.


Looking back, I must admit that the training I received was far from adequate. It didn't equip me with the correct knowledge or understanding of the science behind Gel Nail Products. In fact, I was taught misleading information and techniques that ended up causing me to have an adverse reaction and develop an intolerance to these products.


It was during this time that I made an interesting discovery - Gel Nail Products shared many similarities with the products used in Dental Applications. Intrigued, I delved into researching the science behind Gel Nail Products to ensure that I could provide safe services to my clients.

2021 - PRESENT


A Change of Direction, The Launch of Dr Prints® & Co., Manicure Roulette® & Mani-Science®.

I secured a scholarship to undertake a PhD at The University of Sheffield part-time, which would have taken 7 years to complete. It was around this same time that I launched Dr Prints® & Co. and since then, life has taken me in a completely different direction.

I made the extremely tough decision to leave my PhD after just 3 weeks, due to a combination of chronic illnesses and the pure enjoyment of running my own business.

In April 2022, I launched the first nail card game called Manicure Roulette®. It was the very first game of its kind and has been my soul focus since its launch, up until 2023.

In 2024 Mani-Science officially launched with the first range of educational products.

In the words of Mani-Science® Founder & Author Lotte


Mani-Science® was born when it became clear that there was a lack of reliable information about Gel Nail Products...”


“I was encouraged to share my findings & knowledge, by translating the science to provide factual, scientific, and accessible educational guides & courses.”


- Charlotte [Lotte] Seymour, 2023.

Embarking on my journey in the Nail Industry, I couldn't help but let my scientific mind continue to thrive. As I delved deeper into this world, I became fascinated by the science behind Gel Nail Products, which I used on both myself and my clients.


With my scientific background, I decided to dive into researching the literature surrounding Gel Nail Products in 2019. What I discovered was a lack of reliable and accessible information from a scientific perspective, coupled with a concerning increase in unwanted reactions. Driven by my passion for knowledge and armed with my understanding of Dental and Biomaterials, I delved into extensive literature research.


It became evident that the rise in adverse reactions was directly linked to a lack of education, awareness, and regulation within the Nail Industry as a whole. Fellow Nail Professionals, aware of my educational background, started reaching out to me with concerns about the safety of Gel Nail Products and the increasing number of adverse reactions.


Although I am not an expert or manufacturer in Gel Nail Products, I felt a strong calling to share the knowledge I had acquired. However, I knew that this information needed to be presented in a way that everyone could understand. Leveraging my research and expertise in Biomaterials, I set out to develop educational materials that would offer a unique and comprehensive perspective on the scientific aspects underlying Gel Nail Products. These materials would be presented directly from a scientist to the reader, ensuring that the information was both comprehensive and easily understandable.


With this vision in mind, Mani-Science® was born. Its mission is to provide the scientific knowledge that is currently lacking in the education of professionals and users of Gel Nail Products. By spreading awareness and empowering individuals through knowledge, Mani-Science® aims to safeguard the Nail Industry and protect Gel Nail Product users. Driven by curiosity and a desire to revolutionise the Nail Industry, Mani-Science® is here to make a difference.

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