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Spread the knowledge of Mani-Science® to your students.

Education Distributor




Here at Mani-Science®, we wholeheartedly support spreading knowledge to help educate new and upcoming professionals in the Nail Industry. As such, we’ve created an exclusive Educator Distributor Program that permits licensed distribution of dedicated Student Handbooks, from registered and approved educators. These handbooks contain primary information adapted from each Mani-Science® course.



Licenses for this program, along with subsequent purchase of Student Handbooks, can be purchased through the Education Distributor Members only sections of our website. Application & approval is required to join and permit purchase.


Before purchasing any license for education distribution, you must successfully complete the appropriate Mani-Science® course.


Official educational qualification certificates and the relevant Mani-Science® course completion certificate is required as evidence before purchase of an Education Distributor License & products.


If you hold a certificate of Education in Gel Nail Treatments & have successfully completed the appropriate Mani-Science® Course, you can apply to be a Mani-Science® Education Distributor.

To apply to be an approved Education Distributor, please fill out the form below.


Please note that Mani-Science® hold the right to decline applications should the selection criteria not be met or a lack of adequate information provided. We have a select amount of Education Distributor places & will select candidates we feel best fit. You will receive an email regardless of our decision.


It usually takes 7-14 working days for us to contact you regarding your form submission. Please ensure your email is correctly entered, and is the same email you used to purchase the undertaken Mani-Science® Course, so we can check your course history.

Education Distributor Program
Application Form

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How do you provide teaching?

Terms & Conditions

Please read the below Terms & Conditions carefully and in full before proceeding with your application form. All terms must be agreed to before proceeding with your application.

I have provided the above information and agree that this information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge.

I am a qualified educator within the Nail Industry and the qualifications provided are correct and legally permit me to educate others in Gel Nail Products and other similar treatments.

I understand that Mani-Science® courses do not provide qualifications to teach and being an Education Distributor does not within itself entitle me to teach others.

I understand that becoming an Education Distributor means that I will be distributing the Mani-Science® Student Handbooks to my students without changing, altering or ammending the information within.

I understand that I do not own the rights to copy, resell or redistribute the information written by Mani-Science® to my students or others outside the realms of distributing the Mani-Science® Student Handbooks.

I understand that should Mani-Science® suspect I am abusing my position as an Education Distributor by any means of including but not limited to: [1] breaching copyright or intellectual property laws, [2] copying and adapting information to monetize, [3] reselling the information and education provided by Mani-Science®, that my license to be a Mani-Science® Education Distributor will be removed & I will not be permitted to apply again in future.

I understand that I will be permitted to advertise I am a Mani-Science® Education Distributor and will only claim to be this title and no other.

I understand that should I not meet the requirements to be a Mani-Science® Education Distributor my application may be rejected.


I understand a reason may be provided to you should this occur, but Mani-Science® may not always disclose this to applicants.

I understand should my application be accepted I will need to purchase a year license to be a Mani-Science® Education Distributor to access the Members Only section of this website, to grant purchase of Mani-Science® Student Handbooks & teaching information. This will be purchasable online through the website.


I understand should I successfully become an Education Distributor for Mani-Science® that I will need to reapply each year to ensure I am still an acceptable candidate for such position.

Please note that you must have successfully completed the appropriate Mani-Science® Course selected. Please ensure your email is correctly entered, and is the same email you used to purchase the undertaken Mani-Science® Course, so we can check your course history.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch 7 - 14 working days after your application.

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