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Mani-Science® Course I: The Basics

  • 12Weeks
  • 53Steps


Unlike any other course available at the time of publication, this Mani-Science® online course offers a unique opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of Gel Nail Science, and to delve into currently untaught aspects of Gel Nail Products, directly from Scientist to reader. Written by Charlotte [Lotte] Seymour MSc, BSc – Founder, Scientist, Nail Professional and Author of Mani-Science®, this program has been designed to make Gel Nail Science accessible to individuals of all educational backgrounds, including Nail Professionals, clients, and other users of Gel Nail Products. This course is not exclusively for professionals; it is open to anyone who wishes to enhance their understanding of Gel Nail Products. By promoting knowledge, awareness, and safety, this course empowers individuals to make informed choices when it comes to Gel Nail Products. Mani-Science® Course I: The Basics, encompasses a six-module comprehensive reading program, addressing a diverse array of subjects, including the analysis of scientific literature and evidence related to Gel Nail Products, what Gel Nail Products are, the underlying scientific principles behind them, the causes and prevention of adverse reactions, legal and regulatory considerations, the dangers associated with social media trends, and much more. The primary objective is to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and scientific facts to facilitate informed decision-making regarding Gel Nail Products. The full course has been conveniently spaced to cover one module every two weeks, to allow students to work through each module fully without feeling rushed. This course includes access to 6 comprehensive reading modules across 12-weeks, with each module being released every 2-weeks. Upon course completion students will receive a printed certificate of completion and a printed Mani-Science® Course I: The Basics Handbook containing the entire course content provided with shipping included*.



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