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Mani-Science® Crash Course I: Ombré Nails & The Unknown Dangers

  • 6Weeks
  • 48Steps


Expand your understanding of Ombré Nails and the potential risks involved with Mani-Science® Crash Course I: Ombré Nails & The Unknown Dangers. This crash course is specifically designed to equip participants with knowledge about the common mediums and techniques used in creating Ombré Nails, while also shedding light on the hidden hazards associated with them. Our aim is to enhance your awareness and ensure your safety when practicing this popular trend. Through extensive research, Scientist & Mani-Science® Author Charlotte [Lotte] Seymour MSc, BSc has uncovered shocking truths and discovered undisclosed issues with certain products. These findings are undeniably controversial and have remained unnoticed, until now. During this course, you will delve into the scientific principles that underpin specific Ombré Nail mediums and techniques. Unlike any other existing courses, this addresses aspects that have been overlooked and unaddressed in the past. Over a 6-week period, you will cover 6 comprehensive modules, with each module being released weekly to allow ample time for completion. Upon finishing the course, you will receive a printed certificate and a complimentary printed course handbook, serving as a valuable resource to revisit and reinforce your newfound knowledge. Join us on this eye-opening course and empower yourself with the information needed to practice Ombré Nails safely. Enrol in Mani-Science® Crash Course I: Ombré Nails & The Unknown Dangers to unlock the crucial knowledge behind this nail art look.



2 Plans Available, From £39.99/week
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